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Our award winning Retained Service

If you really want to recruit the best in the market, then our Award-Winning Retained Service is the way forward.

TRUE PARTNERSHIP – Our award-winning retained service

“Companies are only as good as the people they employ” – and if you really want to recruit the best in the market, then our Award-Winning Retained Service is the way forward.

TRUE PARTNERSHIP is a solution which offers our clients a thorough, deep market search that is efficient, proven & often more cost effective.

As we have an upfront commitment from you, we are able to attack the market and push greater resources into the search. More time, money & expertise enables us to widen the candidate pool and speak to passive as well as active candidates – with the end result providing you with the best candidate to fill your position.

How it works

Let's talk


Client & We Search People agree to work together in a TRUE PARTNERSHIP agreement to fill the vacancy.


We Search People’s team of industry search specialists get to work, bringing you the best talent available in the market.


Full Job Brief is taken ensuring we know exactly what/who we are looking for.


Shortlists are provided and interviews conducted.


Client pays an agreed portion of the fee upfront, showing their commitment to recruit & use We Search People exclusively. This enables us to really show what we can do!


Upon an offer being presented & accepted, and the candidate starting employment, the client pays the remaining balance of the fee.

Benefits to you

Candidate Access

Access to passive candidates who are not available elsewhere in the marketplace.

Quicker Recruitment

A quicker recruitment process due to added resources being dedicated to the position.

Client Driven

A client driven process, individually customized to you.

Tailored Quesioning

Candidates being interviewed for their specific vacancy - adding value through tailored questioning.

Quality Shortlist

A more solid shortlist of greater quality with committed, selective candidates outside of the open database marketplace.

Thorough Search

Devoted resource invested in the process ensures a more thorough searching of the marketplace.

Project Managed

Retained Project Managers handle a lower volume of assignments than contingency to ensure their results.

Dedicated Advertising

Dedicated advertising response is on a ‘first option’ basis for the duration of the campaign.

Greater Response

Greater advertising response, but filtered through the agency.

Added benefits

  • Video interviews with tailored questions.
  • Personality tests.
  • Background Checks for Candidates Offered.
  • Charity contribution – We donate a percentage to a charity of your choosing every time you hire or get-hired through us, through our charitable arm. That’s money donated to charity every time we place a candidate!
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