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Construction Staffing Services across the US

Leading construction industry recruiters delivering an award winning service; trust We Search People for construction staffing solutions.

Construction staffing, simplified.

Finding the right talent for your construction project can feel like navigating a maze. The skilled labor shortage is a constant hurdle, causing delays, missed deadlines, and a mountain of stress. Wouldn’t it be a relief to focus on what you do best, and leave the staffing worries to the experts?

At We Search People, we’re more than just a construction staffing agency. We’re your go-to for a successful workforce. We understand the unique challenges you face, because we’ve been at the forefront of construction staffing for years. Our deep industry knowledge and extensive network allow us to find the perfect fit for every project, from highly skilled laborers to experienced project managers.

Stop wasting time and resources on endless recruiting efforts. Let We Search People connect you with the talent you need to keep your projects on track and your bottom line healthy. We’re passionate about helping construction companies like yours thrive, and we have the proven track record to back it up. Partner with us, and experience the difference a true construction staffing specialist can make.

What our clients say:

Our Construction Staffing Services

What’s the best way to work with us, so we can deliver you the best construction talent? Well, we know no business operates in the same way, which is why we offer three distinct construction recruitment packages, so we can work with you in a way that works for you.

We Search


In simple terms, this is recruitments version of ‘No Win No Fee’. An end to end solution that can provide high quality candidate shortlists to fill your vacancy.

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True Partnership


If you really want to recruit the best in the market, then our Award-Winning Retained Service “True Partnership” is the way forward. The best solution for roles that are confidential, urgent, senior or of high importance.

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Smart Growth


Many of our clients recruit regularly throughout the year – our retained solution saves substantially on time, money & those dreaded recruitment headaches!

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We know what talent looks like.

Whether you’re looking for a project manager or an architect, we can help. We offer construction staffing solutions for contractors and subcontractors across a variety of sectors in the industry.

From intricate custom builds to large-scale infrastructure projects, We Search People has the expertise to fulfill your construction staffing needs. Our team of experts can connect you with the qualified team members you require, exactly when and where you need them. This allows you to focus on project execution and completion, confident that you have the right talent in place to get the job done.

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Construction staffing experts, built for success.

The range of construction roles is diverse, from project managers and skilled laborers to business development professionals. You can trust that our team comprehensively understands the specific requirements for each role, ensuring that candidates we put forward to you possess the necessary skills and qualifications.

Beyond traditional roles, we have also successfully facilitated the hiring of marketing experts, sales professionals, and tech specialists, addressing the growing demand for digital transformation in the construction industry.

At We Search People, we’re ready to support your construction projects by connecting you with top-tier executives, managers, and specialized professionals. What distinguishes us? Our commitment to genuine relationships, teamwork, and complete transparency throughout the hiring process.

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Recruitment Services FAQ


How do construction companies recruit employees?

Construction companies use a variety of methods to recruit employees, including:
  • Posting jobs on online job boards: This is a popular way to reach a wide pool of qualified candidates.
  • Partnering with recruitment agencies: Staffing agencies specialize in finding qualified workers for construction projects.
  • They can save construction companies time and money by handling the recruitment process.
  • Attending industry events: Trade shows and career fairs are great places to connect with potential candidates.
  • Employee referrals: Current employees are a great source of referrals for new hires, especially for skilled trades.

What is an example of staffing services?

There are many different staffing services available to construction companies. Here are a few examples:
  • Temporary staffing: This is a good option for companies that need to fill short-term vacancies or for projects with fluctuating staffing needs.
  • Direct placement: Staffing agencies can help construction companies find qualified candidates for permanent positions.
  • Payroll services: Some staffing agencies can also handle payroll and benefits for temporary employees.

How do you recruit staff for a project?

Here’s a general process of how a staffing agency can help recruit staff for your construction project:
  • Consultation: The staffing agency will meet with you to discuss your project needs and the specific skills and qualifications you are looking for in potential candidates.
  • Candidate Search: The agency will use their network and resources to find qualified candidates who meet your requirements.
  • Screening and Interviews: The agency will screen candidates and conduct initial interviews to identify the most qualified individuals.
  • Placement: The agency will present the top candidates to you for final interviews and selection. They can also handle onboarding paperwork and payroll for temporary workers.

What four processes does staffing include?

The staffing process typically involves four main steps:
  • Needs Assessment: Understanding the specific needs of your project and the types of workers required.
  • Candidate Sourcing: Identifying and attracting qualified candidates through various channels.
  • Evaluation and Selection: Screening, interviewing, and testing candidates to find the best fit.
  • Placement and Onboarding: Helping to place the chosen candidate and ensure a smooth transition into the role.

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