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Retained Recruitment

If you really want to recruit the best in the market, then our Award-Winning Retained Service is the way forward!

Quick, bespoke Retained Recruitment Solutions

Timely hiring is essential, especially in the world of construction. We Search People stands as your trusted US-based contingency recruiting partner, dedicated to delivering bespoke recruitment services crafted to meet the unique needs of businesses across all scales.

As seasoned recruitment specialists, we leverage our extensive networks and resources to swiftly connect you with top-tier talent in the construction industry. Recognizing the paramount importance of securing the right personnel, our contingency recruitment services are meticulously designed to streamline the candidate selection process.

With a focus on efficiency and precision, we use proven strategies to pinpoint the ideal candidates for your specific job requirements. At We Search People we’re committed to facilitating seamless and effective hiring solutions, ensuring your organization thrives with the right team in place.

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Benefits of Retained Recruitment

Focus on Quality, Not Speed:

Retained search prioritizes finding the perfect fit for your critical roles, not just filling the vacancy quickly. We invest time to understand your company culture, the specific requirements of the position, and the ideal candidate profile. This ensures a shortlist of top-tier talent perfectly aligned with your long-term goals.

Reduced Risk of Bad Hires:

Our commitment goes beyond placement. With a retained search, you benefit from a thorough vetting process that minimizes the risk of bad hires. We conduct in-depth candidate evaluations and provide comprehensive reports to give you the confidence to make the best hiring decision.

Proactive Sourcing of Passive Talent:

We don’t just wait for resumes to come in. Our retained search utilizes targeted strategies to identify and attract high-caliber passive candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities. This expands your talent pool significantly, increasing your chances of finding the ideal match.

Dedicated Partnership & Transparency:

Retained search fosters a collaborative partnership. You gain a dedicated recruitment team invested in your success. We maintain open communication throughout the process, providing regular updates and clear insights into the talent landscape.

What our clients say:

Retained Recruitment Agency & Consultancy

We Search People offers more than traditional recruitment. We become a trusted partner, offering exclusive retained search services to secure the perfect fit for your critical roles.

Our recruitment specialists are industry-deep, meticulously sourcing and cultivating relationships with high-caliber talent across diverse sectors. This targeted approach allows us to confidentially identify and attract passive candidates who are not actively seeking new opportunities. We become an extension of your team, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs and company culture.

Through a retained partnership, We Search People prioritizes your key hires, dedicating significant time and resources to deliver exceptional results. We focus on quality, not quantity, guaranteeing a shortlist of top-tier candidates perfectly aligned with your vision.

Our Recruitment Services

What’s the best way to work with us? Well, we know no business operates in the same way, which is why we offer three distinct recruitment packages, so we can work with you in a way that works for you.

We Search


In simple terms, this is recruitments version of ‘No Win No Fee’. An end to end solution that can provide high quality candidate shortlists to fill your vacancy.

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True Partnership


If you really want to recruit the best in the market, then our Award-Winning Retained Service “True Partnership” is the way forward. The best solution for roles that are confidential, urgent, senior or of high importance.

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Smart Growth


Many of our clients recruit regularly throughout the year – our retained solution saves substantially on time, money & those dreaded recruitment headaches!

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What is retained recruitment?

Retained recruitment is a type of recruiting service where a recruiting firm is contracted exclusively by a client to fill a specific position or positions. In retained recruitment, the client pays a portion of the fee upfront, and the remaining portion upon successful placement of a candidate.

This model is often used for executive-level or specialized positions where finding the right candidate may require significant time, effort, and resources. By engaging a recruiting firm on a retained basis, the client ensures dedicated attention and commitment from the recruiter to thoroughly search for and vet candidates who match the specified criteria. It also implies a higher level of collaboration between the recruiting firm and the client, with the recruiting firm acting more as a strategic partner in the hiring process.

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How does retained recruitment work?

The retained recruitment process involves several distinct steps designed to efficiently and effectively identify, evaluate, and secure top talent for a specific position. Here’s a breakdown of how the process typically works:


Consultation and agreement:

Client and recruiting firm discuss position requirements and sign an agreement detailing terms.

Needs assessment and strategy:

Recruiting firm thoroughly evaluates client’s needs, company culture, and strategic goals to devise a targeted recruitment strategy.

Candidate sourcing:

Leveraging networks and databases, the firm actively seeks potential candidates who align with the job specifications.

Screening and evaluation:

Candidates undergo rigorous screening, including interviews, skill assessments, and reference checks, to ensure suitability.

Candidate presentation:

A curated selection of top candidates is presented to the client, accompanied by comprehensive profiles highlighting their qualifications.

Interviews and feedback:

The firm coordinates interviews, gathers feedback from both parties, and facilitates further discussions as needed.

Offer negotiation:

Working as a mediator, the firm assists in negotiating offers, addressing compensation, benefits, and other terms to secure the chosen candidate.

Onboarding and follow-up:

Post-acceptance, the firm may aid in the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition, and remains available for follow-up support and assistance.

Contingency Recruitment FAQ


What is the difference between retained and exclusive?

Retained recruitment involves a client contracting exclusively with a recruiting firm, paying a portion of the fee upfront, and the rest upon successful placement. It implies a higher level of commitment and resources from both parties. Exclusive recruitment, on the other hand, grants a single recruiting firm the exclusive right to fill a position for a set period, without an upfront fee, and compensation is contingent upon placement.

What types of recruitment are contingent?

Contingent recruitment typically involves multiple recruiting firms competing to fill a position. In this model, firms are compensated only if their candidate is hired, often on a “no win, no fee” basis. Contingent recruiters typically work on multiple job openings simultaneously and prioritize quantity over exclusivity.

What is the difference between retained and contingency recruitment?

The main difference lies in the payment structure and level of commitment. Retained recruitment involves upfront payment to the recruiting firm, implying a higher level of dedication and resources. Contingency recruitment, on the other hand, doesn’t require upfront payment and compensation is contingent upon successful placement. Contingency recruiters often work on multiple openings simultaneously, prioritizing speed and volume.

What is a retained basis?

Retained recruitment refers to a contractual agreement between a client and a recruiting firm where the firm is exclusively retained to fill a specific position. The client pays a portion of the fee upfront, signifying a commitment to the search process. This model is commonly used for executive-level or specialized positions.

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